Clothing Measurement Chart

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Clothing Measurement Chart

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Please be as accurate as possible, so we can get the best fit the first time.
Make sure you use a cloth measuring tape!

Fill out the form below completely and click "Send Measurements".

Suit coat size:
Trouser waist:
Shirt neck:
Trouser inseam:
Shirt sleeve:

Please refer to the chart at the left for help when measuring.

pounds An important reference figure to help us know if you have changed sizes since your last order.
1. Height:
Ft. / In. (In feet and inches to the nearest half) Taken standing against a wall, without your shoes on.
2. Chest:
inches Take a deep breath, Measure around the fullest part over the nipples.
3. Natural Waist:
inches Measure around the body 1" below the belly button.
4. Hips:
inches Measure around the fullest part of the seat.
5. Neck:
inches Measure around the neck at the Adam's Apple.
6. Largest stomach
inches Measure around the largest part of the stomach while relaxed. DON'T "SUCK IN" YOUR STOMACH!
7. Sleeve:
inches From top of arm at shoulder to the thumb knuckle closest to your wrist.
8. Front Waist
inches From the spot where your collar bones meet, measure 1" below your belly button.
9. Back Waist
inches From the small bone at the top of the spine, measure to the waist line in back.
10. Across top
of shoulders:
inches Measure total width from shoulder bone to shoulder bone across the top spinal bone.
11. Head
inches Taken around the head, just above the ears.
If you are ordering a special Militia Uniform or have a specific front length you would like your custom garment to be, please fill out the rest of the measurement form. If you leave this area blank, you will receive a garment with the front length gauged to your height (standard Government issue).
12: Finished front
length of shell jacket:
inches From the collar bones to the bottom of the jacket.
13. Finished back
length of shell
inches From the collar bones to the bottom of the jacket.
14: Finished front
length of frock
inches The total length in front you desire your frockcoat, from collar bones to bottom edge of coat.


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